The DRAGONLANCE saga takes place on the continent of Ansalon on the world of Krynn.
The world is on the edge of chaos. Dark whispers of war and darkness are spreading across the land. Forces unknown are mobilizing, marching across the continent.
The gods have abandoned their followers, leaving the common people of the world without protection or guidance.
When the gods left they shattered the world hurling a flaming mountain down upon the capital of the empire of Istar. Civilization collapsed as plagues, famine, and war spread across the continent.

The Heroes

The story begins outside of the village of Solace, where a group of local adventurers is reuniting.
The adventuring party separated almost five years ago, and set-out to look for signs of the
Old Gods. They found none.
Some spent time looking for signs and proof, while others simply pursued private matters.
Regardless, they agreed to return to Solace after five years and meet again at the Inn of the Last Home.

Adventure Log

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