Epilogues this life or the one after

After the final battle, the mad gnome Arcus was last seen heading east with the minotaur Gauraux because the gnome “liked his style.” They separated at the edge of the Blood Sea and from there Arcus’ destination was unknown. But whenever explosions were needed, wherever people cried out to be freed (from destructible buildings)… Arcus would be there.
Being closest to the Dark Queen’s portal at the end, only Arthur witnessed Her wrath at being denied the world. More motivated than ever, Arthur resumed his travels and teachings, spreading the word of the gods. He had been the aspect of revenge, and the aspect of creation, but now he had to be the aspect of reconstruction and repair. Rumours that Arthur was not entirely human spread and grew over time, and the people of Ansalon slowly became more accepting of Irda as a result: an irda had brought the gods back to the world so it was time to bring the irda back to the world.
Having finally found death, Berem Everman crossed the Gate of Souls with his sister Jasla to whatever afterlife awaited him. After three centuries of rage and despair, he had at last found peace.
Having slain the Death Knight, Lord Soth, the black-robed wizard claimed his castle, Dargaard Keep. She assuming command over his skeletal legions and established it as a bastion of magic. While the surrounding region of Nightlund retained its dark reputation, the land became safer to travel through under the rule of “the Death Queen” than under the rule of Soth. Having grown greatly in power, Carrion became both respected and feared by the rest of her order. There are rumours she still craves more power and plots to seize a greater prize.
Deldred Hornfell
Having done what she set out to do, Deldred decided to return home to Thorbardin. She accompanied Wilder Spirit and Tictok west for a time before heading south, spreading the teachings of Reorx as she journeyed. In a land in need of rebuilding, a god of blacksmiths and craftsmen was welcome. By the time she reached the dwarven kingdom, Deldred found herself at the center of a network of temples and chapels, the accidental head of an extended Church of Reorx. She became the new Thane of the Church Clan and was given a seat on the Council of Thanes with her father.
Despite being a free-willed undead, the Blue Dragon Highlord felt indebted to Carrion and saw no reason to betray her. Having long been a servant to Ariakas, he was accustomed following orders. He accompanied his new master to Dargaard Keep to serve as bodyguard and consort. However, Drake retained his ties to the Blue Wing of the Dragonarmy, and directed the remains of that army by proxy. Under his defacto leadership, it retained control of the lands surrounding Sanction and New Sea. Without the direction of Dark Queen, most of the evil dragons turned on their human “masters”, but the more lawful blue dragons did not rebel. The Blue Dragonarmy remains a formidable military force, albeit one that seems content with its territory and no longer seeks conquest.
Elsebeth Blackblade
Once and forever named the Golden General, Else’s shattered golden armour was returned to the Knights of Solamnia for a memorial service. A monument to her was constructed outside of her familiar home in Vingaard Keep, built by a union of dwarves, elves, and humans. Shortly after its completion a strange noise was heard inside. The caretakers investigated and found a dark bladed starmetal sword, clutched firmly by the gauntlet of the general’s armour. How the sword, last seen in the Abyss, found its way into a sealed tomb is unknown.
Having heard of the new Pirate Queen and having some “unfinished business” in the Blood Sea, Gauraux said his goodbyes to his old allies Wilder Spirit and Tictok, feeling it unlikely they would meet again in this world. He headed East, initially with Arcus, but soon alone. He passed through Flotsam then Balifor, and freed slaves as he went, before commandeering a vessel. He presented himself to the Pirate Queen, Maquesta kar-Thon, and soon had his own ship and crew. Where Captain Gauraux sailed after is known only to Gauraux, who is silent on the subject.
Having lost his first home in the ruins of Xak Tsaroth and then his mobile home with friends, Squee was directionless and wandered off on his own. The gully dwarf engaged a series of inexplicable adventures, seeing much of the rest of the continent before stumbling into a small town known as Solace, a town partially built into the boughs of massive Vallenwood trees. Feeling welcome and vaguely remembering something about “Solace” Squee settled down and found a job in the local Inn (although he has to leave his magic pot at home while he works). Nobody believes his stories of adventure, but he never stops telling them and, to his surprise, people never stop listening.

The gnomish inventor slowly returned to Mount Nevermind. He accompanied Wilder Spirit and Deldred westward for a time, escorted by a knightly honour guard. Separating at the Straits of Ergoth, Tictok returned home with his findings on the effectiveness of dragonlances on evil dragons. The Guild Council accepted his findings but deemed the Life Quest “unfinished” (as more could be learned on the subject). However, Tictok was permitted to continue his research in a laboratory instead of in the field. Tictok spent the next several years testing the effectiveness of dragonlances on various substances and the hide of endless creatures that might been distantly related to dragons.

Wilder Spirit
Hearing of the plight of her people, caught between two nations of elven refugees, Wilder Spirit returned home to Southern Ergoth. She worked tirelessly to resolve the differences between the elven peoples and restore her forest home to its natural state. As an act of goodwill and cooperation, Wilder Spirit also spent some time helping the Qualinesti expel the remainders of the Dragonarmies from their woods and did what she could he help repair the damage to the Silvanesti forest caused by the Nightmare. She soon become known as “Guardian Spirit” leaving behind her more wild nature… most of the time.
And so the Heroes of the Lance went their own ways.
However, before they parted, the Companions gathered together. They stood on a hill overlooking the city of Neraka, watching as the Dark Temple collapsed inward, the unnatural edifice crumbling into the ground.
Just six months prior a quartet of adventurers had reunited in Solace, fulfilling their vow to return to the Inn of the Last Home, after five years seeking signs of the Old Gods.
As they stood on that hill, old friends and new, they repeated that vow. While all had business in the changing and war-torn world, if at all possible they would reunite in another five years, back in the Inn of the Last Home.
Hopefully there will still be spiced potatoes.


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