Session Twenty

Battle at the base of the maelstrom, duel in the Minotaur capital.

The hero moved into the chamber beyond the hag’s lair. They had spent limited magical resources to revive the unconscious Squee. Revived, the druid barely turned back into the deadly giant squid.

The chamber was actually a deep shaft, seemingly endless. A deep bottomless chasm. Above was the hideous aberration known as the King of the Deep. Below was a curious portal leading… somewhere. Energy leaked from the portal, a spring of dark power, flowing into the water where it was collected by ten statues, resembling petrified Istarian priests, and focused in a single point to be absorbed by the King.

The heroes swam down, attacking the statues with lightning magic and a barrier of conjured magical blades. The statues glared at the champions, their empty eye sockets opening into a terrifying void. Squee caught a bad glimpse at the eyes and was struck blind. Berem rushed forward, charging through the blade barrier to attack a statue, only for the statue to strike and knock the raging human back into the swirling blades.

Arcus and Deldred made quick work of the statues, the disruption in the flow of magical energy harming the King. Then, there was an aquatic cry as a yellow-skinned draconian swam into view riding atop a dragon turtle. It was Gildentongue returning for revenge. Spells flew as Arcus struck the two repeatedly with lightning that did nothing, the draconian having prepared for the fight. However, he was not prepared for Deldred’s deadly magic or being hammered into the blade barrier by Berem. The massive turtle did its best to scald the heroes with its steaming breath. But its thick hide was nothing to Wilder Spirit’s claws.

After having defeated the dragon turtle and Gildentongue, the group was hailed as heroes by the sea elves. The King of the Deep’s death ended his animation of the fallen and control over sea life. The Companions returned to the surface and were deposited in a floating raft.

The first ship to come across them is the Butcher, a pirate ship. At first the captain and crew were considering sinking the dingy or abandoning a prisoner on board, but the captive, Bas Ohn-Koraf, the minotaur former first mate of the Perechon recognizes the heroes and asks their help.

The captain of the Butcher, Mandracore, was an old enemy of Bas’ captain, Maquesta. Mandracore made the mistake of showing off his captive on Mithas, and the minotaur emperor ordered the pirate to settle the matter in the arena. Bas’ tells the Companions that Maquesta knows the location of Elisan, missing since the Perechon sank. She’ll tell, if they agree to be her champions against Mandracore.

The battle in the arena is fierce, with every attack cheered by the minotaur audience. The Companions have to be the first to claim three golden rings. One is atop a greased pole, another at the base of a pit, and a third on the neck of a giant tiger. Wilder Spirit’s beast Fu struggles with the tiger as the tawny beast savages both. Mandracore cuts up Berem and Squee as two of his pirate lackeys assault Deldred and Wider Spirit. Things get bad as Arcus turns into an air elemental to recover the ring inside the pit spraying its contents across the field: green slime! Squee is coated and badly dissolves, barely surviving. One of the pirate flunkies, a skilled alchemist, hurls bomb after bomb at the heroes.

Finally, the pirates fall.

The newly crowned pirate queen: Maquesta Ka-Thon agrees to help the group find the missing priest. She reveals he remained on his raft and currents would have carried it north, to the island of Karthay. The group heads north on Maquesta’s new ship. Squee flies ahead to scout and encounters the bird folk known as Kyrie. They tell of a man in white taken by a dragon to the north. As the group searches for a landing site a green dragon flies overhead, ridden by an armoured figure!


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