Session Twenty-Five

The scourge of Krynn, an unexpected foe, the end of Drake

The two groups of heroes strategized, planning and coordinating their attack. It was a two-day journey from the mountains to Neraka, but it would only take half a day to fly on the backs of Carrion’s undead dragons. The groups planned their attack. A stealth-focused group had to infiltrate the city and find the secret of the Dark Queen’s power beneath the city, so stealth would be required. The other group had to get to Neraka and kill the Dragon Emperor, cutting the head from the serpent.

Carrion, Berem, Gauraux, Deldred, and Squee decided to fly on zombie dragons and sneak into the very heart of darkness.
Elsebeth, Tictoklington, Arthur, Arcus, and Wilder Spirit decided to ride across the plains and face the Dragon Emperor.

The dragon ride went quick and the stealthy group arrived and integrated themselves into the city. Berem had to disguise himself as best he could, as his face was too well known. Several of the heroes saw themselves on wanted posters spread across buildings.
They spent the next couple days buying supplies and magical equipment. Disguised in animal form, Squee scouted the Temple of Darkness, finding a gap in the upper levels a hundred feet above the ground. The shape-shifting Gully Dwarf then following a group of Dark Pilgrims inside. There he wandered through the corridors and found a set of ornate double doors. Suddenly, a cloaked figure in ornate plate armour stormed into sight. He was muscled and imposing, charismatic yet intelligent. It was the Dragon Emperor, Ariakas. He entered a massive chamber, a meeting hall with a single raised platform leading into the central chamber and flanked by five platforms. It was room for the Dragon Highlords to meet and plan their counteroffensive against the Whitestone Council.
Ariakas moved to the edge of the central platform where there was a distortion, a wound in reality. The Emperor moved in from of the tear and began to talk, speaking with something on the other side of the distortion.
Feeing from the sight, Squee suck away silently, only to trigger a series of magical traps upon his exit. Injured, the gully dwarf reunited with the group and told what he had seen.

Meanwhile, the assault group was caught in a rain storm while traveling overland and sought refuge in a crevasse. Inside they discovered a gully dwarf who claimed to be a reluctant bandit. He led them to a subterranean gully dwarf camp, where the Heroes asserted their dominance over the head gully dwarf, the self-proclaimed “scourge of Krynn”.
The gully dwarves told the group that it was an easy underground journey to the human city, but they would have to pass through the lair of “Wriggle Head” (said with wiggling fingers over the head). The former-head Gully held up the cracked stone head of the only gully dwarf who saw “Wriggle Head”.

Bravely, the Heroes set out to the laid of the monster, averting their eyes yet cautiously looking for the medusa as they entered.
They were not prepared for the beholder.
Tictok frantically cast an illusion filling the area with phantasmal smoke. The Eye Tyrant shattered the gnomes hastily erected force bubble and almost turned the gnome to stone. Blinded, the group frantically attacked the aberration as its eye rays fired blindly through the smoke. Luck favoured the heroes and the dangerous beast fell.
The group continued through the tunnels…

Having spent the day preparing, the stealth-group flew on dragon back to the temple, slipping inside through a poorly erected wall. They were several stories up, but from Squee’s scouting they knew the temple had spiral staircases cutting through the many levels of the tower. They only had to find one and they would have a direct route to the lower levels of the Temple.

They pushed their way into the chamber which was actually the quarters of Salah-Khan the now dead Black Dragon Highlord.
Hearing the noise of hero’s entry into the private quarters, another Highlord moved to investigate. Berem opened a door and found himself facing Drake the Traitor and Blue Dragon Highlord. Drake immodestly recognized the Green Gemstone Man and leapt into battle.

The battle was fierce and, at first, it looked like Drake would fall quickly before the combined assault. Then the cunning Highlord produced a magical bottle that produced and unending plume of smoke that filled the room but droves little hindrance to the villain who had trained himself to fight in absolute darkness. Berem was savagely shredded and Carrion killed by the whirling edges of Drake’s twin-bladed weapon. Meanwhile, Gauraux busied himself blocking the hallway from draconian reinforcements. Acting quickly, Deldred resurrected Carrion allowing the badly injured wizard to kill the Highlord with a barrage of empowered magical missiles.
Then the Black-Robed wizard raised Drake as a combination minion / sex slave.

Fleeing the chamber, the group moved down to the bowels of the temple, seeking to end Queen’s plot that very night.


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