Session Twenty-Two

Treasured rescue, fight on dragonback

The Companions arrived in the shadowy city of Sanction. After only minutes in the city they were already coated with a fine later of ash. D’argent, still masquerading as an elven dog, emphasized their mission: find the stolen valuables of the good dragons and bring them into the war.

Before they departed the ship, Arthur hesitated, feeling an overwhelming presence of evil and the gaze of Takhisis. His every motion threatened to attract her full attention. Unwilling to risk the party, he remained by the boat.

The group moved through the central slums of the desolate city, inquiring at the nature of the larger structures in the city. They were quickly told of the three temples at the base of the three volcanos: a temple to the old gods, a temple to false gods, and the dragon-headed temple to Takhisis. The temple to false gods had been converted into an arena / prison while the temple to Takhisis had become the imperial court and home of the Dragon Emperor Ariakas.

Tictok quickly suggested that someone like Ariakas would keep the stolen treasure nearby his person. So the heroes cut straight through the city to the massive temple shaped like the hideous skull of a dragon. Approaching slowly, the group saw room for two guards at the nostril entrances of the dragon skull, but only one entrance was populated by a dragon: a very bored white dragon named Tepid. Announcing themselves as dragonarmy officers the group walked past.

The group slowly investigated the temple, moving from room to room while Gauraux listened at doors and checked for traps. After a few minutes of checking doors, Tictok heard a noise from the entrance: a huge procession was moving up the hill to the temple. In the middle of the red-shirted draconians was a chariot pulled by scarred human slaves. Inside the vehicle was a powerful figure clad in ornate armour highlighted with red and the other chromatic dragons. Hastily looking for a hiding place, the group unlocked the nearest room and threw themselves in, stumbling upon the treasure room. They stuffed as much of the room into the item-shrinking bag of Tictoklington.

After waiting some time with no sounds from outside, the group investigates. They find the Dragon Emperor is holding court in the large main chamber. Feeling free to explore, the group moved through the wing and discovered the bed chamber of Ariakas. They began looting and Elsebeth discovered a mirror behind a curtain in his bedroom. There was a brief flash and the knight’s armour crashed to the ground. Carrion carefully glanced through the corner of her eye and recognized a mirror of life trapping! Tictok entered and asked what happened. “Don’t look in the mirror!” Carrion cried.
Tictok looked in the mirror.
His gear collapsed to the floor.

After and agonizing discussion and careful inspection of mirror, Carrion and Gauraux decide the only thing they can do is break the mirror. Thankfully, this releases the prisoners.
As the Heroes are getting dressed, Gauraux hears motion outside. Ariakus is planning to retire to his bedchamber to rest! Quickly downing invisibility potions discovered in the treasure room, the party sneaks down the hall, barely escaping the gaze of the potent ruler. Moving into a guard chamber, they find a stairwell and quietly sneak down into the lower levels of the temple.

Entering a guard chamber, the heroes dispatch the red shirted draconian warriors, that prove their skill by almost killing Gauraux. Lacking Arthur, the heroes have to rely on potions to heal the downed Minotaur.
Beyond the draconian chamber was a large room filled with a massive copper dragon, chained to the wall. After brief conversation it was apparent the dragon had been mentally injured and it’s facilities were lacking. It was being blackmailed by Ariakas, who will “smash some” for every intruder let past. D’Argent tried her best to talk her way across but it took Elsebeth swearing an oath as a knight to save the treasure for the dragon to let them past.

Moving beyond the heroes might five large room, each is filled with metallic spheres: brass, bronze, copper, silver, and gold. The evil dragonarmies had stolen the unborn children of the good dragons!

Beyond, Gauraux spotted someone moving from down the hall. Following, the black robed man was seen carrying a brass egg to a massive changer. Inside was a large red dragon and a dark cleric. In horror, Gauraux watched as they finished a dark ritual on the dragon egg which swelled unnaturally and burst revealing the wriggling forms of a half-dozen infant baaz draconians! The draconains were really the corrupted offspring of the good dragons!

Waiting down the hall, the heroes waited for one of the group to leave. The foul cleric was the first, and Gauraux buried his axe into his back. Yelping, the dragon and wizard moved to attack. Elsebeth, mounted on D’argent, charged the dragon for devastating damage while Tictok luckily managed to turn the wizard into a toad. The battle won, the group teleported away to the dragon isles where they told the good dragons what had happened.

Enraged, the good dragons renounced their Oath and happily agreed to join the war. Elsebeth said they had to rescue the captured copper dragon, Cymbol. The dragons agreed and let the heroes mount them and flew south. They eventually arrived in Sanction, a metallic wave of dragons. Chromatic dragons flew down and there was a brief battle in the sky, good dragons versus evil. Quickly, the day was won and spring had truly arrived. Finally, the land had hope.


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