Amadeus (Known as Arthur)

Chosen of the Gods (Formerly magical blacksmith)


Bryan’s character

He usually appears as an older, somewhat fragile man. Something just doesn’t seem right about him, but everyone is at a loss as to just what is amiss. In the past few weeks he has shown abilities to change into other forms as well. His first new form was that of a small fire elemental, and more recently he has shown that he can appear as other humanoids.

Initially he was a shy and scared sorcerer, but since returning from the dead he has been significantly more outspoken, brave and powerful. His personality less than consistent, switching between apathy, anger, and inspiration at an unnerving rate

His powers are just as sporadic with the ability to heal wounds, but not reverse most conditions, attack with only fire, provide some protection and enhancements, with a sprinkling of random other spells.

Character Sheet Level 10

Spells Level 10 Oracle




257 years


Blacksmith (occasionally jeweler)


Short term:
- Find out more about the staff & how he came to have it.

Long Term:
- Personal spirituality, learn the truth about the Gods, bring them back if they will come.
- Make his race more acceptable to others & improve how they are treated.
- Magical power and knowledge

Greatest Fears:

- That he is discovered and killed or worse
- his race is wiped out
- His family and/or village is wiped out
- That the Gods don’t exist or if they do, are no less petty and foolish as mortals.

Important people:

Wynter Starshine is an important member of the thieves guild who had him rescued and smuggled out of the Palanthas after his true identity was found and he was to be put to death. He had earned her favor by supplying her with masterwork and better armor and weapons from time to time. However, he owes the guild a life debt to be paid at some point in the future.

Amadeus (Known as Arthur)

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