Dagger of the three fire gods

healing dagger

weapon (melee)

Aura minor conjuration; CL 3rd
Slot none; Price 2,675 stl; Weight 1 lb.
Requirements Forge Arms & Armour, magic weapon, cure light wounds; Cost 1,338stl

In addition to being a dagger, it functions as a wand of Cure Light Wounds with a few quirks.

  • The target must be “attacked” for a minimum of 1 point of non-lethal damage to benefit.
  • The target feels an almost painful warmth flood into their body pooling near wounds as they heal.
  • After being healed, each target rolls a d3.
    On a 1 they feel as though their body has been reforged.
    On a 2 they feel excited and impatient for the next adventure.
    On a 3 they feel angry and vengeful at those who inflicted the wounds that were just healed.
  • After being healed, the target feels as though they are haunted: occasionally hearing whispers and seeing shadowy movement in their peripheral vision. (no mechanical effect, flare only) This effect lasts for 10 minutes for each charge that was used on the target.

The dagger is also a +1 dagger.


This small dagger feels warm to the touch and has three symbols imprinted on each side of the blade. At the base is the symbol of a forge hammer, above this is a stylized red condor, and near the tip is a multicolored flame.

Dagger of the three fire gods

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