dragon-slaying lance

weapon (melee)

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armour, summon monster I, the silver arm of Ergoth, the hammer of Kharas; Cost special
This is a +2 dragon bane lance: against dragons the weapon’s enhancement bonus increases to +4. It also deals an extra 2d6 points of damage against the foe. On a successful charge, the weapon deals 1d8 points of Constitution damage.

Mounted dragonlances are large-sized weapons that can only be used on the back of a huge-sized or unusually powerful large-sized creatures. They also deal 2d6 points of Constitution damage on a successful charge.

Lesser dragonlances are crafted with only one of the silver arm or hammer of Kharas. While still potent, they are only +1 dragon bane weapons.


Items of legend in the truest sense. It is said they are crafted of the purest dragon-metal fresh “from the heart of the dragon” and forged using two relics. Powerful weapons, they are deadly to dragons, especially when used by skilled warriors such as knights.

Details of their construction have been forgotten over the centuries, as there has been little need for them in over a thousand years. Only in the oldest repositories of lore might one find information on dragonlances.

The Companions have discovered that the two relics needed to make true dragonlances are The Hammer of Kharas and the Silver Arm of Ergoth.


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