Council of Thanes

The leaders of the dwarves of Thorbardin, the nine members of Council of Thanes make all decisions for the dwarven nation.

The Council of Thanes is comprised of the leaders of each of the seven clans of dwarves. The clans of the mountain dwarves are the Hylar, the Daewar, the Klar, the Theiwar, and the Daergar. As well as the Neidar, or hill dwarves, and the Aghar, or Gully Dwarves.

There are two additional seats, those of the High Thane who is elevated beyond mere leadership of his clan, and the Clan of the Dead, who is the the head of the clerical orders. Since the Cataclysm there has been no cleric to fill the Clan of the Dead, and the hill dwarves have been sealed out of Thorabardin leaving that seat empty. As a result, the six remaining clans have been in an increasingly fractious stalemate that has prevented a new High Thane from being elected, leaving that seat vacant for over three hundred years.

It is said that King Duncan, thane of the Hylar, would have been High Thane if not for the Dwarfgate War. Instead, he died as his people fought one another and died in the thousands. It was then that the Hammer of Kharas was lost and, it is said, the will and pride of the dwarven people.

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Council of Thanes

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