Humans hail from a number of different nations across the continent. There are the dark-skinned people of Ergoth to the west, who hail from that fallen and fractured empire; the proud folk of the northern land of Solamnia; those of Abanasinia from the South; and the pale folk of Neraka from the central mountains.


The uncivilized nomads of Ansalon are often called barbarians; they hail from desolate regions where lesser humans would quickly perish.

The plains nomads live in the tundra and deserts of the Plains of Dust, while their dusky desert counterparts hail from Khur. Mountain nomads can be found across the continent, including Tama Busuk in the heart of Ansalon. There are also the ice barbarians from the frigid Icewall Glacier far to the south.

While more civilized than some of their more savage kin, there are also the dark-skinned sea barbarians, who perpetually sail the oceans around Ansalon.

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