The Sky

Constellations 1
The stars overhead were once thought to represent the gods, with the most potents deities each having their own constellation. Lesser gods had wandering stars, or planets, while the three gods of magic each had their own moon.

In the middle of the sky are the three brightest constellations: the Book, the Many Headed Dragon, and the Valiant Warrior.
Clockwise around those three are the Red Condor, Mantis of the Rose, the Blue Phoenix, the Dragon Turtle, the Songmaster, the Blue Lady, the Rat King, the Bison of Heaven, the Broken Scales and the Lord of Bones

Constellations 3

The planets are the Wild One, the World Smith, the Silver Mistress, the Flowing Flame, and the the Tree of Life.
The moons are Solinari the Ivory Disk, Lunitari the Maid of Illusion, and Nuitari the Devouring Dark.

Recent Changes

In recent days, as the threat of war has spread across Ansalon. But, ominously, two constellations vanished from the heavens: the the Many Headed Dragon and the Valiant Warrior.

Constellations 2

Have the gods of those stars left the word for god, have the abandoned their positions, or have they been slain? At this time it is unknown…

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The Sky

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