Below is the timeline of events, both recent and old.

Timeline of events

1900 PC: Pax Tharkas founded
1775 PC: Vinus Solamnus founds the Knights of Solamnia
1060-18 PC: The Third Dragon War. According to legend, the knight Huma won the war when he discovered the mythical dragonlace.
800 PC: The lord-city of Istar rises to power
150 PC: The Kingpriest of Istar begins the nation’s war on evil. This leads to extermination of evil races, then non-good races, and finally those with evil thoughts
0 PC: The gods punish the Kingpriest and his attempts to become a god, causing the Cataclysm
39 AC: The Dwarfgate War
238 AC: Tictoklington is born
252 AC: Wilder Spirit is born
343 AC: Elsebeth, Gaurax, and Wilder Spirit meet the gnome Tictoklington.
345 AC: The Companions of Solace defeat a hydra outside the town.
346 AC: The Companions separate, vowing to reunite in 5 years.
348 AC: Rumours of wars in distant lands reach Abanasinia
349 AC: The Seekers faith reaches Solace
351 AC: The current year

Current Events

Autumn Harvest
11th Elsebethand Gauraux reunite when crossing New Sea. Arthur escapes Xak Tsaroth with the blue crystal staff
12th Elsebeth and Gauraux meet an injured man on the road who gives his name as “Arthur”
13th Wilder Spirit encounters Tictoklington on the road. The Companions reunite in Solace but are forced to flee
14th The Companions head overland, moving through Gateway, across the plains, and ending in Que Shu
15th They continue through the mountains and enter the swamp
16th Continuing through the swamp, the Companions are almost killed by Onyx, the black dragon
17th The Companions enter Xak Tsaroth
18th Onyx dies and the Companions flee the crumbling ruins of Xak Tsaroth
20th The Companions cross the plains and return to Solace
21st The populace of Solace is freed and escapes south
22nd The people of Solace enter Qualinesti
23rd The Companions begin their journey to Pax Tharkas
24th At late evening, the Companions reach Pax Tharkas and enter the secret tomb. They free the captured slaves and escape into the mountains.
25th The refugees and Companions decide to head to the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin
27th The Companions find food and guess the location of Thorbardin.
28th Seeking “the key”, the Companions part from the Refugees and enter Skullcap.

Autumn Twilight
1st At midday the Companions reunite with the Refugees on the Plains of Dergoth
2nd The refugees reach the Hopeful Vale and set-up a camp.
3rd The Companions reach Northgate and enter the kingdom of Thorbardin. They meet Arman Kharas and are taken to meet the Council of Thanes.
4th The Council reaches the city of Hybardin
5th The meeting with the Council of Thanes, the Companions are sent to discover the hammer of Kharas.
6th The Companions journey to the Valley of Thanes and find the hammer of Kharas. They recover it and face the dragon Ember, and then face the Red Dragon Highlord Verminaard, who dies at their hands.
8th The Council of Thanes. Hornfell is named High-King of Thorbardin.
15th The dragonarmies near Thorbardin, while the Companions leave for Tarsis to find a boat to Sancrist and learn of weapons to fight dragons.
23rd The Companions reach Tarsis the Beautiful, and discover the port city is no longer by the water.
24th Alongside droves of refugees, the Elsebeth, Arthur and Gauraux flee Tarsis. Tictok and Wilder Spirit are rescued by Alhana Starbreeze.
25th The Winter Companions reach Bazin.
27th The Winter Companions reach Zeriak, and ask about Icereach and the glacier.
28th The Winter Companions enter Icewall.

Autumn Dark
1st After days of flying, the Spring Companions enter the woods of the elven kingdom of Silvanesti
2nd The Winter Companions fight a minotaur patrol and discover an ice boat before being caught in a blizzard.
4th The Spring Companions reach the tower of Shalost, finally being able to rest.
5th The Spring Companions resume their journey to Silvanost.
6th The blizzard ends. The Winter Companions meet Drake and Harald. Taken to barbarian camp.
7th Warned of an invasion force, the Ice Barbarians prepare for battle.
9th Battle for the Ice Camp. Flee overland.
10th Reaching Icewall Castle, the Winter Companions kill the White Dragon Highlord, Feal-Thas and his dragon.
12th The Winter Companions reach Ice Mountain bay and sail away on Drake’s ship, heaving to Southern Ergoth.
13th The Spring Companions reach Silvanost and free Lorac from his nightmare. The green dragon Cyan Bloodbane flees, badly injured from the battle.
19th The Winter Companions land at Southern Ergoth fleeing a storm an a dragon and are captured by elves.
20th The Winter Companions find Foghaven Vale and prevent a highlord officer from corrupting a well of dragonmetal.
22nd Drake proposes to Elsebeth, departing on a personal mission the next day.
27th The Spring Companions resume their journey north.

Winter Come
3rd The Spring Companions reach Balifor and sink several ships. They quickly flee north.
9th The Spring Companions get attacked by Kender and are forced to detour to Kendermore.
13th The Spring Companions reach Flotsam.
15th The Whitestone Council is held on Sancrist.
16th Highmaster Toede is killed in a Flotsam inn.
17th The meeting is held at Ogreshield. It is ruined by the Spring Companions.
18th The Percheron departs from Flotsam with the Spring Companions.
21st The Percheron sails into the Maelstrom and is lost at sea. The Winter Companions depart from Sancrist
25th The Spring Companions awaken in the sunken city of Istar.
28th The Spring Companions assault the Pit of Istar. The King of the Deep is defeated.

Winter Night
1st The Winter Companions arrive in Palanthus.
3rd The rest of the knightly reinforcements arrive in Palanthus.
4th The Spring Companions return to the surface.
5th The Winter Companions arrive at the High Clerist’s Tower.
6th The Spring Companions are found by the pirate Mandracore.
7th The dragonarmies arrive south of the High Clerist’s Tower.
8th The Spring Companions arrive at Mithas.
9th The dragonarmies begin their assault on the Tower, randomly attacking every few hours.
10th The Spring Companions defeat Mandracore in the Minotaur arena. Maquesta becomes the pirate queen.
12th The Spring Companions arrive at Karthay looking for Elistan.
13th Lord Soth leads a charge on the Tower and falls in battle. The Spring Companions capture the Green Dragon Highlord, slay his mount, and save a bronze dragon.
14th The dragons arrive at the battle, attacking the walls. The Blue Dragon Highlord kills Elsebeth. Carrion activates the Dragon Orb, drawing the dragons into the dragontrap at the heart of the tower and driving the draconians insane.
15th The Spring Companions return to Mithas.
17th The injured Elsebeth is returned to Palanthus to rest.

Winter Dark
10th D’Argent the silver dragon arrives at Palanthus and asks a favour.
11th The Winter Companions hire a boat and set sail for Sanction in occupied territory.
13th The Spring Companions meet the Minotaur Emperor.
14th The Spring Companions set sail for the west.
28th The Spring Companions arrive in Kalaman.

Spring Dawning
1st The Winter Companions engage in a naval battle with draconians. The Spring Companions enjoy the Spring Dawning festival.
3rd The Winter Companions arrive in Sanction. The second Whitestone Council.
4th The Spring Companions begin their trip to Neraka.
6th The Spring Companions arrive in Telvan.
5th The Winter Companions leave Palanthus to besiege Neraka.
7th The Spring Companions arrive in Jelek.
8th The Spring Companions reach Glitterpalace.
10th The Spring and Winter Companions unite.
11th One group arrives in Neraka and plans their attack, while the other group journeys overland and fights a beholder.
13th The group in Neraka sneaks into the Temple and kills Drake. The other group comes from below and interruts the meeting of the Highlords, killing the Dragon Emperor. As Elsebeth distracts the Dark Queen, Berem and the others fight and kill Lord Soth before the Everman commits suicide, sealing the portal to the Abyss.


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