Session Eighteen

Endless waves, offensives, and betrayals

The dragonarmy forces charged towards the High Clerist’s Tower, weapons raised and howling warcrues. The heroes marshaled the forces in the Eastern courtyard, rallying them as draconians scaled the walls and forced their way through the doors into the courtyard. Elsebeth rode throughout the courtyard, charging draconians with her lance while giving short, inspiring speeches. The knights flocked to her banner, motivated to continue the fight. A half-dozen elite draconians attacked, including a bozak spellcaster.

After defeating the draconian commander of the first assault, the heroes only had a moment to rest before screams and cries indicated the central gate was now under assault. Moving, they bolstered the defences as Arthur devastated a small patrol of kobold archers while Gauraux and Elsebeth engaged a number of more skilled human mercenaries who were cutting through the knightly defenders. Sensing victory, the heroes allowed themselves a moment of pride.

Then, suddenly, a half-dozen undead soldiers, led by a black-armoured figure atop a skeletal horse: the famed Lord Soth. The undead smashed though the knight’s line, ignoring Arthur’s defensive wall of fire. Elsebeth engaged the dark knight, and quickly fell under his unholy sword, which flamed with unnatural fire as the death knight smote the goodly knight. Straining to keep the female warrior alive, Arthur expended much of his divine might keeping the Knight of the Sword upright. Meanwhile several skeletal champions attacked Gauraux, overwhelming the minotaur. Realizing she could not withstand Soth’s blade, Elsebeth did the only logical thing and attacked the death knight’s sword, shattering the weapon after two savage blows!

Weaponless, Soth had to rely on his magic and unnatural touch, but there was only a wizard and oracle standing. He moved to attack, but Elsebeth was soon back on her feet. After a long, pitched battle, the Death Knight fell, blasted by the positive healing power of Arthur who extended the last of his potent healing magic offensively.

Injured and weary, the group retired, but found no rest. The dragonarmies gave them no respite, no time to recover magic or heal wounds. The onslaught was irregular but unending.

Meanwhile, while attacking the dragonarmies from above, Tictok is hit by dispelling magic and plummets fifty feet to an uncomfortable crunch, creating a dogpile of illusionary Tictoks pre-programmed for injury. It takes some hours for the gnome to sneak though No Man’s Land back to the Tower.

Days pass. Knowing spellcasters require time to recover, the dragonarmies attacked irregularly but frequently. Fatigue set in as the knights on the wall were cold, hungry, and tired. Arthur and Carrion managed to rest long enough to memorize and prepare a few spells, but not many. Gauraux, in the meantime, approached Tictok with the idea of mining the dragonarmy camps with some kind of explosive. Working as fast as he could, before Tictok could finish a wave of a hundred kobolds surged onto the field, peppering the area with arrows. The rolling mass of reptilian bodies struck fast and hard. Tictok and Arthur slowed the kobolds down with magic while Carrion blasted them with magic. The kobolds reached the gate and forced their way though damaged gaps, swarming over Gauraux and Elsebeth. Finally, the kobolds were dispersed and slain.

With the extra time, Tictok managed to finish the mines. The group, save Elsebeth, flew invisibly over the draconians and planted the mines. Gauraux explored a few tents and discovered the officer’s quarters with orders and references to the return of the dragons and an assassin!

Meanwhile, Elsebeth was meeting with the Lords commanding the battle. While arguing over the course of action, a young rookie knight humbly interrupted. He had a message for Else, from Derek Crownguard: he wanted to meet her at the wall. Elsebeth met with “Derek” who revealed himself as a draconian assassin, when he stabbed Else in the chest. More angry than injured, the knight quickly dispatched the assassin.

Returning, having planted the mines, the rest of the Companions used the stolen orders to repel enemy attacks (which were aided by the chaos caused by the exploding mines).
Things were going well until the dragons arrived, attacking and striking at the walls. Suddenly, there was a blue dragon hovering over the main gate, bring ridden by a fearsome rider. The Blue Dragon Highlord had arrived. He challenged a young knight, one who had just earned his spurs, to single combat. Fearful yet sad, the young knight was compelled to refuse until Guaruax asked if he could appoint a champion. The youth asked Elsebeth who happily accepted.

Else rode to the top of the wall where the Blue Dragon Highlord landed. He removed his helmet and revealed his face. It was Drake! The former companion last seen at the Foghaven Vale. Who left about the same time the dragon orb went missing. The entire time he had been with them he was gathering intel and planning betrayal.

Saluting and toasting his opponent, Drake readied for battle. Elsebeth charged, lacking mercy and ready for the kill. She struck with her sword, aiming to shatter Drake weapon as she had Soth’s. Drake avoided the attack and responded with a deadly series of slashes and attempted to knock Elsebeth’s weapon from her hand. The oe prompted a retaliation, but Else fumbled badly, twisting the grip on the weapon making it harder to attack. Drake swatted the weapon from her hand. Seeing potential defeat Elsebeth kicked her weapon off the wall and stepped backwards into the air, falling 40 feet to the ground. Drake ran down and finished off the injured warrior.

Meanwhile, Gauraux and Arthur decided the dragon was not part of the “single combat” and attacked viciously. The assault ended when Drake threatened to join that fight. He mounted Skie and took to the air. Inside the tower, Carrion had other plans, and was busy trying to use the orb discovered in the tower. Finally, she forced the orb under her control and called the three nearby dragons to her. Heedless of the danger, the dragons rushed into the dragon trap that was the Tower of the High Clerist. Outside the walls, the draconians, not being true dragons, were driven mad by the orb and fled, halving the opposing army. Victory was assured!


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